Mitsubishi 1600 Watt 5 X 10 Bed
Shearing: Wysong Model 1010 /Auto Back Gauge    3/16 Steel X 10 Ft
Punching: Amada Pega 357  w/04PC Controller    58 Station  30 Ton
  W.A.Whitney 630-B Manual Duplicator
  Niagara OBI   60 Ton
Sawing: Trennjaeger LLPC 110/400 Cold Saw
  Horizontal & Vertical Bandsaws
  Abrasive Cutoff Saw
Forming: Wysong Model MTH175-144 Hydraulic Pressbrake 175 Ton  12 Ft. with Hurco Two Axis Backguage
  Pacific Model K175-12 Hydraulic Pressbrake 175 Ton 12 Ft.
with Hurco Two Axis Backguage
  Pacific Model 40-6 Hydraulic Pressbrake 40 Ton 6 Ft. with Hurco Single Axis Backguage
Welding: 6 Ea. Miller Millermatic200 MIG Welders
  5 Ea. Miller Synchrowave 250 TIG Welders
  Chemetron 600 Amp MIG Welder
  Miller XR-15 Extended Reach Aluminum Wire Welder
  Peer P-50 Spot Welder 75 KVA  / Miller Portable Spot Welder
  Acetylene Welding Sets
Painting: 9 Ft X 10 Ft Spray Booth with conventional Binks Equipment
  100 Ft Overhead Conveyor and Baking Oven
Misc: PEM-Serter Automatic Press
  Roper-Whitney Former Roll
  ¼ X 5 Ft Plate Roll  
  18 Timesaver   
  Steam Cleaner
  Mill    /    Lathe
  Two Spindle Drillpress

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